A 2 Year Old Miracle

Wesley Chapel and Tampa’s Premier Children’s Portrait Studio – A 2 Year old Miracle

This past Christmas I had the pleasure of photographing the most adorable 2 year old little girl. Her mom had told me that she had some health issues, but did not go in to many details. In January she came back in for her 2 year portraits. Prior to her session, I received this email …

“You have made me feel more comfortable than anyone I have ever done photos with. I never felt like I needed to apologize when Morgan acted like a normal 20 month old. As you probably remember from the story, the doctor that diagnosed her heart defect recommended we terminate the pregnancy. We didn’t listen and got second opinions. Now we have this amazing little girl! Your pictures are so beautiful and I know we will always enjoy looking back and remembering all these stages. So glad we have decided to come to you now. Thank you so much.” ~ Emily

When I read her email I cried! It is so touching to me when I hear stories of how families overcome the odds and thrive in the most amazing situations. Morgan is adorable, so full of life and so full of love. I can’t even imagine if Emily would have listened to that first doctor! I hope that someday she is able to use her story to inspire mothers who are facing similar decisions. It has been my honor and pleasure to photograph Morgan and provide her family with priceless memories of the life they brought in to this world!

Morgan we love you!